Lisa McDowell

Founder and Swimming Instructor

Lisa’s journey began in 2003 when she achieved her Level 1 swimming instructor certification. In 2009, Lisa took the leap and committed to full-time teaching, pursuing her Level 2 certification. Since 2009, Lisa has been dedicated to nurturing her students’ skills and confidence. Her love for teaching and expertise in swimming led her to establish her own Swim School in 2010, at Nertherne on the Hill.

Lisa caters to many institutions, including Prep schools, State schools, and Private swim schools in the Sevenoaks area. Lisa’s lessons reflect her philosophy that swimming is an essential life skill. With group lessons tailored to children as young as 3 years old and customisable private sessions for adults, Lisa ensures that her sessions are accessible to all.

Central to Lisa’s approach is the belief that swimming is an invaluable skill, an outlook rooted in the conviction that everyone should have the opportunity to learn. Her classes are designed to accommodate varying abilities and follow the ASA Learn to Swim pathway.



Lorraine Cooper

Swimming Instructor

Lorraine started swimming at a very young age. From her earliest years, her parents recognized the Importance of swimming as a vital life skill, a belief she now passes on to her own three children. She firmly holds the view that swimming is a skill that should be accessible to everyone, at every age.

During her time in secondary school, swimming became an Integral part of Lorraine’s life. The swim team became her second family, and she committed to rigorous training five days a week. She swam competitively for 4 years as a backstroke swimmer and her proudest accomplishment was earning a spot in Regional competitions, a testament to her unwavering dedication.

As an instructor, Lorraine embodies the qualities of nurture and patience. The beginner classes, in particular, hold a special place in her heart. She takes it upon herself to ease their fears and encourages them to undertake new challenges with enthusiasm. She encourages her improvers with the same motivational approach, nurturing their abilities and supporting them In reaching their goals.



Swimming Instructor

Laura is a certified swimming instructor with a profound commitment to helping individuals of all ages and abilities become confident swimmers. With a Level 1 and Level 2 qualification in swimming instruction, she brings a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to her teaching approach.

Laura believes that swimming is not only a life skill but also an empowering and therapeutic activity. Her teaching philosophy revolves around creating a safe and nurturing environment where learners can conquer their fears, develop confidence, and master the art of swimming. She understands that each individual is unique, and she tailors her instruction to accommodate various learning styles, abilities, and goals.





Meet Jaime, the newest addition to the Swim World team! With eight years of experience in administrative roles and an additional five years of invaluable experience working within the school system, she brings a wealth of expertise to our swimming school.

As a dedicated mother of two, Jaime understands the importance of fostering a nurturing and supportive environment, not only within her own family but also within the broader community.

We’re thrilled to welcome her aboard and look forward to the positive contributions she will undoubtedly bring to our team.

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